Five Flies You Must Have for Lenok

While Brent and Caitlin didn't get to do much fishing for Taimen, they got a bunch of fishing in for Lenok during their days off.

Lenok are truly the ultimate dry fly fish, and the more rubber legs the better (usually).

5. Wilcox's JC Special #12
Great bug, easy to see and the barred legs make lenok go nuts (see fish above)

4. Wilcox's Glow Ant #14
A great slow water bug for lenok, floats well and imitates the many ants that are around

3. Morrish Hopper #8
A perfect sighted fish bug. Twitch it when it comes into their window, and they can't resist

2. Yeager's Neversink Trude #10
This and #1 can be traded off pretty easily. It's perfect for the fast, choppy water that Lenok love, but will also work well for catching the spookier fish in the slower water.
Don't forget to twitch it!

1. Aane's MoJo Hopper #12
Probably the most fished client bug of them all for Lenok. It floats super well, imitates hoppers, stones and the cranefly hatch that we had on the lower section of the river, and the fish can't stand to let the bug go unharmed. Plus, Taimen have a certain affinity towards it (see below)

If you get a chance to go to Mongolia, don't pass up the chance to fish for lenok (especially in the evenings). They are a ton of fun on a 5 weight (and pull just as hard as our rainbows in the bow)


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