tuna fishing

tuna fishing

trolling technique

tuna fishing

The tuna fishing success depends on the season tuna fishing tuna itself. Tuna is a fish that like to swarm, so if you want to succeed a lot of tuna fishing, be sure there are hordes of tuna (in season) in the area your fishing. Your can use live bait or trolling with a minnow or a skirt for tuna fishing.

Tuna is one type of fish that swim in groups and always in conjunction with a weight of fish varied. Getting a tuna catches is what can make the mania trying to find a thrill in itself.

tuna fishing

For the seasoned fishing mania, tuna fishing with trolling technique was still able to produce good catches, which this time will be described a few tricks of tuna fishing with trolling techniques.

Trolling fishing techniques using artificial bait / lure trolling, in which a technique of fishing with artificial bait to spread at the end of the rope strings are pulled by a boat runs are meant to attract the attention of target fish with a constant walking speed boat at 70-10 knots.

Some shades of color that can be used on artificial baits are dark green, black, purple, yellow, red and hot pink. Use these lure baits by combining the colors of the bait fish in target areas.

Other techniques can also be used by using the trolling technique is to use a live temple and also use the lure death. By combining these two types of bait were also able to provide a positive response with good results.

tuna fishingtuna fishing
tuna fishingtuna fishingtuna fishing

Live bait and dead bait used, such as yellow tail fish and mackerel, is quite reliable attract tuna. How to use them is by trolling techniques as far as 40-50 meters and float it in 2 (two) end of the rope strings and position the baits at depths of 80-10 meters below the water surface.

Tuna fishing using trolling technique proved to have a sensation for the mania that hunt fish species due to tuna has a tremendous power when fighting especially with some tuna species such as yellow and blue fin tuna and large weighted.

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